Monday, March 31, 2014

VLCDIRECT.BAT Script (Windows Only)

If you have Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, or any other), the easiest way to connect VLC Direct Pro Free with VLC is to run VLC using VLCDIRECT.BAT script.

This script was created by the Official VLC Direct Pro Free development team and it has one specific task: Start your desktop VLC with the proper parameters in order to allow VLC Direct Pro Free connections. It also uses parameters to improve the streaming performance and stability.

To start using this script just follow the following steps:

1 Please download the script from <HERE> and save it in your Windows desktop. The script is named VLCDIRECT.BAT. You can save it anywhere in your PC; it doesn't matter where you save it. The script has the intelligence to find out which VLC version you have installed and where the application folder is.

2 Then run the script. If you have VLC 2.1 or newer just double click on it and run it normally. If you have an older VLC version (2.0.8 or older), you need to run the script as administrator, at least the first time you run it. In this case right click over the file and "Run it as Administrator":

3 If you are using VLC 2.0.8 or older, Windows might ask you for permission to run the script and make changes to the computer. Allow it. This is necesary because the script modifies VLC configuration to make it visible from VLC Direct Pro Free.

4 If you have Windows Firewall activated in your PC, you might see a dialog asking you permission to let VLC access the network. It is important to allow this. If you don't, VLC won't be able to work as server and VLC Direct Pro Free will never connect.

5 Now you should see the VLC window open in your desktop. At this point the PC part of this process is done. VLC is properly configured to receive connections from VLC Direct Pro Free and to stream media content to and from Android.

6 Now get your Android device, open VLC Direct Pro Free and start the "Automatic Connection Wizard". You can find it in the main screen or in the settings section.

7 Once the Automatic VLC Finder dialog appears, click on "Start". Keep in mind that both the android device and the

The network scan will begin. It should take a few seconds... maybe a minute to scan the network.

Inportant notes regarding the network scan: The automatic connection wizard presumes your network is a C type network (  IP block). If your network is a or network, then VLC Direct will have some problems finding your PC because the number of ip addresses to scan is too big. In this case you can use the manual approach and insert your PC ip address in VLC Direct Pro Free->menu->settings->Manual Configuration
Also is important to remember that the scanner looks for VLC web interface in port 8080. If you change the web interface port in VLC, you have to change it in VLC Direct Pro Free->menu->settinds->manual configuration->Web Interface Port.

8 That's it! You have connected VLC Direct Pro Free with VLC! If you have any problem, you can watch this short VIDEO that shows the whole configuration process or send us an email)

  Note that you should use VLCDIRECT.BAT script everytime you want start VLC to connect to VLC Direct Pro Free. No need to run it as administrator anymore.